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Relaxing weekend getaway



Relaxing weekend.

Vacations are Fun……The Week After Vacation is Brutal



Hubby and I spent the Fourth of July week in Vegas.  We walked up and down the Strip in 120 degree weather.  We took a chance in various casinos.  We went shopping at the outlet.  We took in the Michael Jackson One Cirque Du Soleil show (Seriously, go see this show.  It is so good!).  We watched the Hitsville show at Planet Hollywood.  We even got drunk one night in the Paris hotel.  We enjoyed several excellent meals.  In short, we had fun.

The next week I returned to the real world.  And I was miserable.  Work was piled up on my desk.  I actually had to get up before noon.  The daily routine was back in effect.  It was a struggle but somehow I made it through the week after vacation.

I hope this week is better.

What are your vacation plans this year?  Have you gone somewhere only to return to the “real” world of work?

Answers to the “Where Am I?” posts:

1. The Las Vegas strip

2.  Inside the Michael Jackson One Theatre at Mandalay Bay.

3.  Aria Hotel and Casino




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