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Musical Look Back – Salt ‘n Pepa

(This is a new series of post where I share the music that I grew up listening to.)

Every generation thinks the music of their youth is better than the what’s being played today.  In my case, it is actually true.  Let me present, Salt ‘n Pepa.

When I drive home from work I always have my iPod on shuffle.  Salt ‘n Pepa’s song, “Shake Your Thang” came on and I was insisting transported back to the time of spandex, biker shorts, asymmetrical hair and door knocker earrings.  A time when rap was fun!

Salt ‘n Pepa was formed in 1985 and consisted of three members:  Cheryl James (Salt), Sandra Denton (Pepa) and Deidra Roper (DJ Spinderella).  At the time, rap music was considered a fad and was a male dominated genre.  Then these ladies hit the scene and showed everyone how the ladies could get down.

Their first major hit was “Push It” but here are a few others that I liked.

“Push It”

“Do You Want Me”

I’m unable to embed some of the older videos but you can check them out here:  “Shake Your Thang”   and “Everybody Get Up“.


R.I.P. – Heavy D

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for a musical shout out to one of the legends of old school rap.  I grew up listening to this man’s music and every time I hear these songs I am transported back to a simpler time.   These songs are on the soundtrack of my teenage years.

Gone too soon, Heavy D!

And my personal favorite!

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