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NBA Playoffs 2014 – First Round


Noticeably absent from the playoffs this year is my favorite team, the Lakers.   This season was terrible.  For a lot of reasons.  It makes me tired to think of everything that went wrong this year.  The best coping mechanism is denial.  We are going to pretend this season never happened.

Since I don’t have a rooting interest in this  years playoffs,  I have decided to look at things objectively and make predictions.  ‘Cause I don’t care who wins.  Here we go for the first round:


(1) Pacers vs. (8) Hawks – My prediction:  Pacers in 7

(2) Heat vs. (7) Bobcats – My prediction:  Heat in 4

(3) Raptors vs. (6) Nets – My prediction:  Nets in 6

(4) Bulls vs. (5) Wizards – My prediction:  Wizards in 6



(1) Spurs vs. (8) Mavericks – My prediction: Spurs in 4

(2) Thunder vs. (7) Grizzlies – My prediction:  Thunder in 7

(3) Clippers vs. (6) Warriors – My prediction: Clippers in 7

(4) Rockers vs. (5) Trailblazers – My prediction: Trailblazers in 7


We’ll check back in when the next round begins to see how I did.

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NBA Playoffs Preview – Lakers Edition

I’m a Lakers fan from way back.  I got my start watching Lakers games with my dad in the 80’s.  Magic Johnson was my favorite player.  I’ve been there through the good times (Kobe/Shaq 3 peat) and the bad (Kwame Brown and Smush Parker).  Last year was a disappointment as the Lakers got swept in the second round against Dallas.  Things this year looked promising despite a new coach (Mike Brown – Why?) and some curious signings/trades (Lamar Odom-bad, Ramon Sessions-good).

And then Metta World Peace unleashed an elbow.  The player formerly known as Ron Artest has a reputation.  If you are an NBA sports fan, you know the history.  I wasn’t happy when the Lakers signed him.  We had just won a championship with Trevor Ariza and I didn’t see a reason to change that.  But Ron Artest came in and kept the crazy at bay.  He hit some big shots and we won another championship.  All was right in the world.

Fast forward to today.  Metta will be suspended for seven games.  This leads into the playoffs where the Lakers will face either Denver or Dallas.  A challenging post season just turned into mission impossible with LA’s weak bench.  Kobe, Bynum and Gasol will have to play to their highest levels just to get out of the first round.  Now it’s hard for me to see how my team can make it to the Finals.

I am a Lakers fan.  Ride or die with the purple and gold!  This post season should be entertaining.  And if my Lakers don’t make it I will still watch.  There are a lot of good teams in the NBA.  Whoever wins will deserve the trophy.  Just please don’t let it be the Miami Heat.

Any Finals predictions?  What’s your favorite team?

My New Favorite Commercial

The NBA season is in full swing and I am enjoying watching my favorite team, the LA Lakers.  Kobe has been on a tear lately dropping 40 + points in several games.  I’m not sure how long he can sustain it or if it’s good for the long-term benefits of the team.  But I love this new commercial.  Where do you go from the top?  You go over the top!

Chris Paul To The Clippers? Thank Goodness Someone’s Looking Out For Donald Sterling –

As if anything the NBA does nowadays makes any sense, here is further evidence…………..

Chris Paul To The Clippers? Thank Goodness Someone’s Looking Out For Donald Sterling –

UPDATE:  The deal is off!  Who is running this league?  I think it’s time for David Stern to step down.

And They’re Back!


Looks like we’ll have a season after all.  I’m glad we get to watch some games on Christmas Day but couldn’t they have done all of this months ago?

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