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A Night of Firsts – A Parenting Moment

When you become a parent, you find yourself celebrating a lot of firsts.  First tooth, first word, first steps and the first day of school.  We try to prepare our children for the firsts in life.  Maybe we should focus on preparing ourselves as well.

Two major firsts took place in our family this weekend.  Princess had her first date which coincided with her first prom.  Good times!

Lost in the excitement of finding the perfect shoes and getting a mother-daughter mani and pedi was the fact that this was a first for me too.  My baby is careening toward adulthood at an alarming pace.

After all the pictures had been taken on Saturday, I stood there and watched my daughter.  The little chubby cheeked toddler has grown into a beautiful young lady.  I hugged her and told her to have fun.  I released Princess to  her date.  She smiled and waved.  Then she was gone to experience a new adventure.

I was left with conflicting emotions.  A part of me was happy that my daughter reached this milestone even as the mother in me mourned the little girl who only lives on now in memories and old photographs.

Yes, parenting is a moment of firsts.  I’ll continue to help prepare my kids.  And take lots of pictures.

Which parenting “firsts” have you recently gone through?

When Your Parents are Dating………Other People

My parents divorced when I was 13.  After a couple of years I gave up all illusions of them ever getting back together again.  This post isn’t about some wish that they would reunite as a couple after all these years.  No, this post is about dealing with your parents as they date other people.

In the thirty years that my parents have been divorced, they have each married other people.  One marriage ended in divorce and the other ended when a spouse died.  So, they are both single and (God, I hate how this sounds) dating again.  My dilemma is:   what is the proper etiquette to follow if you don’t like someone your parent dates?  Everyone is an adult in this situation but that is still my parent.  I feel the need to look out for them and protect them from harm.  Should I voice my opinion even if it is based on a feeling and not hard evidence?  Should I stay silent and supportive and hope they figure the person out for themselves?

I’m struggling here.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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