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Today is My Birthday!

I’m out celebrating!!!  Blessed to see another year.  Be back soon.

Sister Love

The Marketing Executive, Writer,and Stylist

This past weekend I got to hang out with my sisters.  LA (so called because she lives in Los Angeles) was in town to celebrate her birthday with family.  Baby (so called because she is the baby sister; see what I did there?) and I were happy to be a threesome again.

I am the oldest of three girls.  I can say that with pride now although that wasn’t always the case.  Being the first born has a lot of pressure.  I constantly heard how I had to be an “example” for my sisters.  How I had to walk a righteous path so that my siblings would clearly see the right way to go.  And I tried.  God bless my little teenage heart but I did try.  I soon realized that my sisters and I are very different.  They each have chosen their own paths and I celebrate and support their unique life journeys.  Besides, my kids, these are the two people that I have known their entire lives.

As we have all gotten older, I have realized that there is nothing that can compare to a sister’s love.  It is a feeling of knowing that at a moment’s  notice they will be there for you.   I know that I can call on my sisters for anything and without question they will provide whatever I need.  They are my best friends.

I tell my two daughters, Princess and Diva, to  take care of each other.  I tell them, “Friends and boys will come and go, but your sister will always be there.”  I pray that they will always have each other.  All they have to do is look to me as an example.  My sisters and I are now 42, 38, and 32 years old with kids of our own.  Sometimes I still see us as those three little girls in the above picture.  Sisters that became women and friends.

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