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Tyler Perry is no Alex Cross

I know the movie hasn’t come out yet (Oct. 19th) but I just had to say it.  Tyler Perry isn’t Alex Cross.  Can’t be.  Why?  Glad you asked.

You know how an actor will play a role for so long that they can never be associated with any other character.  Think Jaleel White as Urkel or Christopher Reeves as Superman.  To me, Tyler Perry is Madea.  Ma to the damn D, E, A.  I’ve seen him play that character so much that even in his more serious roles (Good Deeds, The Family that Preys, etc.) I can’t get past it.  Maybe it’s a limitation on my part.

I’m sure Tyler probably does a decent job in this movie.  He is a hard-working individual that respects the craft.  But who made the casting decision?  You can’t follow Morgan “Academy Award winner” Freeman with someone who wears women dresses for laughs.

I remember reading something about Idris Elba being considered.  I can see that.  Hubby and I were discussing various actors and he mentioned Anthony Mackie.  Now that I can clearly see.

Alex Cross maybe?

I just watched the trailer again and Cicely Tyson is in the movie.  Can’t be all bad, I guess.  Still, I’ll take a wait and see approach to this film.

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