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So What You’re Exercising……Have You Written Anything?


A few months back I joined a gym. I have been exercising faithfully ever since. (Lost 13 lbs. so far) I feel like I have accomplished a major goal. But have I written anything?

The answer is “No”.  The reason:  I don’t have time.  How can I fit writing into an already full day?  I work full-time then it’s straight to the gym.  Once I get home, I have to shower, check on the kids and check in with the hubby.  Before I know it, it’s time to go to bed to start the day all over again.

Every day I plan to get some writing done.  Every day I fail.  I need help to get my life in order.  The only time I can think of is setting the alarm an hour early.  It is the way I got my first draft done.  Maybe it’s time to try that route again.

How do you find the time to write?  Any suggestions for a stressed out writer?

The Universe Wants Me to Be Fat


I admit it.  I am overweight.  I’ve been carrying the extra pounds for several years now.  I told myself I was happy.  I told myself I was content shopping in Lane Bryant.  (Have you been in there?  They have really stylish fashions.)  I told myself and anyone that asked that people had to accept me the way that I am.  More of me to love.  And I was content.  Until I wasn’t.

January 2013 I did some self reflecting and decided I wanted a healthier me.  A thinner me.  I vowed to lose at least 75 lbs. before an upcoming trip to Las Vegas.  I joined a gym and made modifications to my eating.  I was on the way.  (Have you heard of Zumba?  This activity is amazing.  Exercise that is fun!  Who knew?)

Three weeks in and everything is going well.  I have my exercise and eating routine down.  I lost five pounds.  5.  Pounds.  Clothes are a little looser.  I have more energy.

And then tragedy struck.


It started with a cough.  The cough was followed by muscle aches, nasal congestion, a headache and nausea.  That’s right. The flu attacked.  I haven’t had the flu in over six years and it picks now to try and throw off my new-found lifestyle changes.  Curses to the universe!  Or the coughing co-worker.  One of them is to blame for my misery.

I’ve been out of it for the past five days.  But I have learned some things during this episode   The human body makes a ton of mucus and can spew it from every orifice on the body.  Thank God for health insurance.  There are some things worst then death.   And I really miss exercising.

Take that cruel universe. You may have wanted me to give in and wallow in my out of shapeness (new word alert).  But I won’t.  Not as long as that gym debits those monthly dues out of my account.  I have 70 more pounds to lose.  Vegas is waiting for the new and improved me to show up.

What about you?  Anyone made any life style changes this year and find the universe working against them?

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