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Super Monday – Super Bowl Review

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone. (Congratulations to the New York Giants.)   The only thing left now is the analysis of the event.   SportsCenter has that whole football review on lock so I won’t get into that.

I didn’t have a vested interest in who won the actual game so I focused on the commericals. Every year there is this big build up. And much like the game itself, this year’s batch were pretty lame until the end.

Here are my picks for the best of the bunch:

I was looking forward to the Ferris Bueller/Matthew Broderick ad.  It didn’t disappoint.

Another great spot from Volkswagon.

Gotta love Seinfeld.

Doritos nailed it with this one.

And my personal favorite, Betty White.

Until next year, enjoy!

EXCLUSIVE: Ferris Bueller’s Mysterious Super Bowl Ad Is For Honda

Am I a lame for being excited about this?

EXCLUSIVE: Ferris Bueller’s Mysterious Super Bowl Ad Is For Honda.


>Lint Licker……………..

>What’s Playing on the iPod right now: “Hero” – Kirk Franklin

I admit it. I have a problem. Instead of using my vast vocabulary, which was partly obtained at an institute of higher learning, I use curse words. Especially when I am aggravated. Or just want to be funny. But I have been trying to change. I have a co-worker who lets the expletives fly, and she has changed up from Fu** that sh**! to Fudge that sicle. I too can change.

In that context, I am loving the Orbit commercial. Enjoy!!!!


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