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Got A Right to Be Wrong – A Book Review

The heroine from K. L. Brady’s “The Bum Magnet” is back bringing her trademark sass and drama to another relationship. This time Charisse is engaged to Kevin, federal agent and all around good guy.  But he has a few skeletons in his own closet that are about to be revealed.

Charisse’s lack of trust leads her to jump to one wrong conclusion after another and paves the way for some hilarious mishaps.  Wayward friends, deceitful family members and a conniving baby mama make for obstacles that the couple will need to overcome if they plan to make it to the wedding on time.

“Got a Right to Be Wrong” is the story of letting go of the past, trusting your heart and allowing good things to come into your life.  This book is an excellent read with a character that is easy to like.  I look forward to reading more from Ms. Brady.

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I was over at Tayari’s blog when I saw a link to another blog called Practicing Writing. After strolling through the entries, I saw one entitled Page 123. The basic premise is that you are to pick up a piece of fiction that is nearest you, turn to page 123, find the fifth sentence and post it along with the next three sentences. I thought it would be interesting to try so here it goes:
I have just finished reading “Song Yet Sung” by James McBride. (Excellent read.) Here is page 123 from the this novel.

It was Wiley who held him up. The boy had pined for freedom from the time he became aware of himself. Amber had waited for Wiley to grow big enough to bear the hardship of the gospel train because, his contact had told him, the gospel train is a hard ride. Once you’re on, he said, you can’t get off.

Doesn’t that make you want to read the whole story? I recommend it. “Song Yet Sung” is set in the days before the Civil War, when some slaves have escaped from a notorious female slave-trader. One slave, Liz, is called the Dreamer, because she has visions or dreams of the future. In the Maryland’s swamp on the eastern shore, she learns of the Code and its significance to modern times. This story is drawn from historical events and told in McBride’s signature lyrical style.
I give this book the coveted 3 bookmark seal of approval.

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