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Difference – A Poem

sky-1107952_960_720 (1)

I am the difference

In the middle of a storm

I stand unmoving


I am the difference

When others are immobilized by fear

or tradition

I am unafraid


Walking past the mirror

I like what I see

I am a gift from my ancestors

A present to the generations

Redefining the roles

Crushing the stereotypes

I am the difference.


You are the difference

When darkness falls

You are the beacon of hope


You are the difference

Illuminate your talents

No one can do it but you

You can shine without fear


Look in the mirror

Can you envision what I see

You are a dream revealed

A prayer’s resolution

Refining the roles

Crushing the stereotypes

You are the difference.

(c) Michelle Rayford – 8/2017

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