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An Open Letter to Mother Maya

I share these are my thoughts and feelings.

Black Millennials

Dear Dr. Angelou,

Today you rest in paradise, and my feelings, dare I say it, are extremely selfish. I know you are at ease, enlightening the afterlife with your instrumental peace and glory … but I want you here… with me.

I do not recall the day I fell in love with you. Maybe it was in middle school, when I gazed at your lyrics in seventh grade English, unable to decipher the insight, but willing to feel the emotion with curious intensity. Or maybe it was in high school, when I began to explore literature and dissect the roots of Black culture and feminism. Perhaps I fell in love with you in college, when I was mature enough to grasp not only your lyrics, but the contexts which encapsulated them.

Yes, it was definitely in college! Your potent words gave me solace as I experienced subtle racism by the hands of classmates…

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Panther in the Hive

I just finished Panther in the Hive by Cole, Olivia on Kindle for Android!

Love this book.!

NBA Playoffs – Round 2

I know they aren't in the playoffs!  Let me live.

I know they aren’t in the playoffs! Let me live.


My favorite team, the Lakers are not in the playoffs this year.  See my post about the first round here.

I have watched a lot of basketball over the past week.  Not caring who wins has given me a new  perspective on the game.  I made some predictions for the first round.  Let’s see how I did.


Pacers vs. Hawks – My prediction:  Pacers in 7 (Pacers looked shaky in this series.)

Heat vs. Bobcats – My prediction:  Heat in 4 (Too easy.)

Raptors vs.  Nets – My prediction:  Nets in 6 (Nets needed an extra game to get it done.)

Bulls vs. Wizards – My prediction:  Wizards in 6 (Wizards only needed 5 games.)



Spurs vs. Mavericks – My prediction: Spurs in 4 (Totally missed on this one.  Spurs needed 7 games.)

Thunder vs. Grizzlies – My prediction:  Thunder in 7 (Nailed it.)

Clippers vs. Warriors – My prediction: Clippers in 7 (Got this one too.)

Rockers vs. Trailblazers – My prediction: Trailblazers in 7 (Was really happy Blazers took care of the Rockets in 6 games.)


Not too bad.  On to the second round:

Pacers vs. Wizards – My prediction:  Wizards in 7 (tough call)

Heat vs. Nets – My prediction:  Heat in 6

Spurs vs. Blazers – My prediction: Spurs in 6

Thunder vs. Clippers – My prediction:  Thunder in 7 (close call)

Let’s see how I do in the next round.


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