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A Must See Movie – Repentance

Hubby just hipped me to this trailer.  I have got to see this movie.  When Forest Whitaker does that psycho laugh at the end I bust out laughing every time.  Smile!



What’s in a Name?

Character names can be tricky!

Character names can be tricky!

My WIP (work in progress) is a novel based on a love triangle.  Originally, the two male characters both have names that begin with the letter C.  Charles and Christopher.

Would it be too confusing for readers?  Should I change one of their names?  Decisions, decisions.

What do you think?  Please share you opinion.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, I Guess

valentine day

I’m not that big on Valentine’s Day.   As my  husband can attest, I’m really easy to buy for on this day.  I don’t like chocolate. (Yuck!)  Flowers don’t like me.  (I have a brown thumb.)  Flowers lose the will to live in my presence.   I do love jewelry but my more practical side thinks there are better ways to invest that much money.

I’m happy with a card and a nice dinner.  I know that I am loved everyday.  Hubby doesn’t have to prove it all on one day.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m a sucker for romantic gestures.  But  Valentine’s Day seems so forced.  Bah humbug!

In that spirit, I present my five favorite anti-Valentine’s Day songs.  Just because.

Too Gone, Too Long – En Vogue

The harmonies are perfect.  The message of telling an ex lover that you are over him is the ultimate revenge.

Finally Made Me Happy – Macy Gray

How bad was the relationship when his leaving finally made you happy?

50 Ways to Say Goodbye – Train

Just a fun song.  My lover didn’t leave me, they died.  

Learned From the Best – Whitney Houston

Don’t try to come back now.  I learned how to break a heart.  I learned from you.

Karma – Alicia Keys

What goes around, comes around.  You did me wrong and the universe is coming for you.

Hope you get to spend the day with someone you love doing something you love!

Inspirational Quote Of The Day

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