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Waiting Up

I just realized that being a parent of a teenager and a newborn baby have a lot in common. Lack of sleep.

A baby requires constant feeding and attention. A teenager is more independent but worry their parent in other ways. Every time my daughter leaves the house in hercar I can’t rest until she comes back.

I need some sleep.

Happy Father’s Day!!

Be Inspired!

Check out my new writing journal. I love notebooks and I have already started filling the pages with new ideas.


Flashing Lights – When the Police Question Your Kid

Police Car Lights

The day started out like any other.  Most days are ordinary until suddenly they aren’t.  A phone call.  A  hysterical daughter on the line.  Cops.  A search.  And I am speeding down the road to get to my child that is being questioned by the police.

Short story:  Someone called the restaurant and claims they are coming to buy drugs from my daughter through the drive in window.  Manager calls the police.  Police questions my child and searches her vehicle.

I meet with the policeman and refrain from cursing him out for being overly aggressive and scaring my daughter.  I maintain my composure when I talk to the manager and get the details and chain of events from him.  But when I saw how upset my daughter was I almost lost it.  All I could do was hug her and ask her if she was okay.

Bottom line, someone’s idea of a practical joke could have had dire consequences for my daughter.  She could have lost her job and been arrested.

I assured my daughter that she didn’t do anything wrong but I advised her to never give consent to the police for a search.  Some may say, “Well,  if you are innocent you don’t have anything to hide.”  I say, “There was no cause for a search so the police over reached.”  He knew he was dealing with a scared teenager and went too far.  I am not naive enough to believe that the police are always right.

That was a parenting moment that caught me off guard.  What would you do if it was your child being questioned by the police?

*Photo courtesy of davidsonscott15

Bodybuilding – Get in shape with Confusion

I can attest to this. I’ve been working out for about five months now and noticed that my weight lost was stuck in neutral. I need a new plan to change things up.

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