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If you read through the arguments the “pro gun” groups like to make about concealed carry and allowing people to carry their weapons into various places like schools, churches, and other public venues, you realize they’re – and the people who agree with them – thinking that it’ll be like this:

Yes, everyone is going to be like Dirty Harry.   Leaving aside that it’s fiction, did anyone notice the number of times he almost shot an innocent bystander?

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A Parent’s Worst Nightmare – Newtown, CT


I’m all cried out.

When the news broke on Friday, December 14th about the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I watched in horror along with the rest of the country.  Another school shooting.  But this one was different.  This time someone targeted babies.  Little kids aged five through seven.  This murderer killed 20 children and six adults.

I am a mother and I felt this event on a very personal level.  I send my children to school every day fully expecting them to return home.  Just like those parents in Newtown.  Now that illusion is shattered.

All that you are left with is the why?  Why did this happen?  Can we stop the killings from happening?  And we look for someone or something to blame.  The media and politicians will talk about gun control, help for the mentally ill and the need for more security in our schools.  There are hard questions that should be asked.  There are solutions that this country needs to enact.  But will it really keep us safe?  Will it really protect our children from evil?

Past events have shown us that an individual intent on doing harm will find a way around our laws and our protections.  Evil is persistent like that.

Yet, we find a way to wake up in the morning and feel positive about the future.  We find a way to cherish the moments we have with those we love.  We find a way to comfort our children and promise to protect them from harm.  We pretend that we are in control.  We rebuild that illusion for our own sanity’s sake.

What happened in Newtown, Connecticut was every parent’s worst nightmare.  I pray that they find peace in the support on a nation.

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