5 Reasons Why I Hate Shopping – A Parenting Moment


Seems harmless enough? Don’t be fooled.

School starts here in another week.  That means its back to school shopping for our family.  I don’t look forward to this at all.  Here are the top five reasons I hate shopping with my kids:

1.  Being female, people may assume that I would enjoy shopping no matter the occasion.  Those people would be wrong.  I am more of the get in, get out type of person.  I don’t like to linger over the racks.  I don’t like the crowds.  To me, shopping is one of those mundane tasks you have to perform in order to be considered a civilized member of society.  Like bathing daily.  Or going to the DMV.

2.  My girls, however, love to shop.  All you have to do to make Diva’s life  complete is give her an unlimited budget and a ride to the mall.

3.  When did we decide that all clothes designer would only produce small, tight, and revealing articles of clothing?  Why must every pair of jeans get progressively tighter under the guise of being skinny, super skinny or something called jeggings?  It makes for some stressful conversations.

4.  Speaking of clothing sizes, who are they making these clothes to fit?  Barbie?  I am really getting tired of having to explain to my medium-sized daughter that she needs a large because of the snug cut.  A medium is really a small in today’s fashion world.

5.  Auntie Ann’s Pretzels. I can’t walk past this spot in the mall without being compelled to buy a pretzel.  Those things are evil.  But oh, so tasty.

Do you have a back to school shopping story to share?


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  1. Nice blog! And, I too hate shopping for cloths.


  2. Thank you so much for linking back to my article and I could not agree more…. Auntie Ann’s Pretzels are a blessing and a curse!


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