Jeanne Faulkner

Chairperson for advocacy, CARE;nurse, columnist, author

The State of the World’s Soccer Moms

There are only a handful of people who should call me by my most prized, most hard won title — Mama. If you’re not my child, don’t go there. If you’re a teacher, doctor, or coach and can’t remember my name, that’s cool, just ask, but don’t call me Mom. And that goes double for anyone in public office, political pundits and media commentators. Don’t call me a stay-at-home Mom, working Mom, stepmom or single Mom and please, please, don’t call me soccer Mom. In fact, unless you sprang from my loins, don’t call me Mom at all. I’m an American woman, but I’m not your mother and my reproductive status is none of your business.

 “Soccer Mom” and its sister-labels (see above) have become diminutive terms like “little woman,”…

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