The Teenage Struggle – A Parenting Moment

“Teenagers are the most misunderstood people on earth.  Treated like children but expected to act like adults.”

I saw the above quote on Twitter and it made me think.  As a parent of two teenagers, I know that navigating the transition from child to adult can be tricky.  One minute they seem to have everything under control.  The next minute they see to revert back to being a toddler where the simplest task is a mystery for them to master.

I only focused on my job to help guide my girls through this time.  I didn’t concentrate on things from their perspective.  Princess told me that, “Being a teenage is a struggle.”  The seriousness on her face as she said this gave me pause.  She is right.

Teenagers today have a lot more challenges to overcome.  In my day, we had the usual things like school, dating, sex and drugs.  Today they have all of those things combined with the internet age.  Now a teenage mistake can follow you throughout life.  The internet is forever.

I reminisce on my own teenage years and I remember feeling confused and misunderstood all the time.  I especially felt that my parents were clueless.  I vowed that I would do things differently with my own kids.

They say that you become your parents but I disagree.  Okay, you may have the tendency to follow certain actions and beliefs of your parents.  But I think most people strive to be better than their parents.

I may not always get it right with Princess and Diva but everything is done out of love.  My goal is to raise two responsible adults that will treat people with respect.  I want them to be smart enough to surround themselves with positive people and contribute something good to society.  I want them to be comfortable in their own skin and accept people who are different from them.  I want them to choose a career that is satisfying and enables them to pay their own bills.  I want them to choose a life partner wisely.  I want them to be happy.

Bottom line:  Yes, being a teenager is a struggle.  Being a parent isn’t easy either.  But together, we can make it through.

What do you think?  Any teenage stories to share?  Advice?

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