Are Some Things Unforgivable?


In last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy (Hope for the Hopeless), Christina and Owen had a major argument.  For those people who do not watch the show, here is some background.  Owen and Christina were married last season.  Both are surgeons.  Owen is the new Chief and Christina is a resident specializing in cardio.  Christina’s character is ambitious, determined and focused on becoming the BEST cardiac surgeon.  She does not want children.  Everyone who knows her knows that she doesn’t want children.  Owen is an excellent trauma surgeon but wants it all.  That includes a family.

A major point contention for the couple came when Christina discovered she was pregnant.  She didn’t want it.  Owen did.  Eventually, Owen agreed with Christina’s decision to terminate the pregnancy.  He even accompanied her to have the procedure done.

Fast forward to this episode.  Owen and Christina were arguing over Christina’s refusal to follow this direction at work.   But like most arguments between couples, the conversation was really about something else.  Then Owen dropped the abortion bomb.  “You killed our baby!” he screamed.  Every one of their colleagues heard this.

No matter if you are pro-choice or pro-life, my question is this:  Once a decision has been made as a couple (even if one party isn’t entirely happy about it) can you ever throw it up in an argument?  I think Owen was out-of-order and their marriage will probably end as a result.

What say you?  Anyone care to share?

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  1. Hey, you know me…can’t comment on the show but dude is foul! Rule #1 of Relationship-Fighting 101 is “never, never, and I mean never throw-up the past!” Rule #2, “if you disagree with something or someone then speak now and FOREVER hold your peace.” Rule #3 “always refer back to Rule #1!” ~umjessayn


  2. Owen was out of order when he married someone who didn’t want the same things he wanted. That’s when the disorder began. Owen obviously agreed to the abortion because, well, he had no choice, hence the “You killed our baby” comment. It’ll keep coming up. It’s a source of contention that they’re not likely to overcome. Love does not conqueror all. The marriage definitely won’t survive this, so another one bites the dust. 🙂


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