Shopping with Teenagers

The day after Christmas the girls and I set out for the outlets.  They had Christmas cash in their pockets and they were ready to restock on clothes and shoes for school.  As we walked around, I noticed that they would only go into certain stores.  Those stores were Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Polo, Wet Seal and Aeropostale.  They shunned more economical places like Old Navy.  I thought I would use this as a teaching moment about getting the most value for your money.  Here is how the conversation went:

Princess:  “Mom,  you don’t understand. I can’t just wear anything.  People will talk about me.”

Me:  “What people?”

Princess:  “I have an image. It’s like when you tried to get me One Star Converse.  I can’t wear that.”  (Side note:  I know my daughter likes Converse sneakers.  We were in Target and they sell Converse.  I didn’t realize that One Stars are Converse’s country cousin.  The one you can’t take anywhere.  The horror.) 

Diva:  “Yeah, she can’t walk around in Skechers like you.  She can’t wear Shape Ups.”

(Side note #2:  I like Skechers.  My girls like to talk about my sneakers but I go for comfort every day.  When they were young and had no opinions whatsoever they wore them too.  And liked them.)

Me:  (still trying to maintain a teaching moment)  “Why do you care if people say something?  It doesn’t matter if you wear a name brand or not.  You’re still the same person.”

Princess:  “See, you can wear anything.”

Me:  (teaching moment forgotten at the perceived insult) “Are you saying I don’t know how to dress?”

Princess recovered quickly:  “No, mom.  You have some swag.”

“Swag” means stylish in teenage language.  I have to add this term to my teenage dictionary.  See my earlier post on bilingual kids.

Diva gave a quick second.  I knew I was being played but I liked the thought that I could rock Skechers and still have swag so I let the speech go for the moment.  “Okay ladies, let’s get some lunch.”

We enjoyed the rest of our trip.  The girls got some cute outfits for school.  I actually picked out a couple of things for them that they liked.  And I made it through the day without being called “lame” which was a first.  It was a Christmas vacation miracle.

Any experiences shopping with teenagers?  Please share.

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