When Your Kids Are Bilingual…………..

I am the parent of two teenagers.  As part of this mission, I have accepted the responsibility to keep up with the times.  I am well versed in Lil’ Wayne, Drake and Trey Songz.  I know about Jordans and snapbacks (baseball caps in my day).  I understand the capabilities of Facebook, Twitter and iPods.  I can text with the best of them.  What I don’t understand are the words that are coming out of my kids’ mouth.

This past weekend I hung out my daughters.  Princess and Diva (not their real names) are always good company.  They joined me as I ran errands and window shopped.  It was during this excursion that I learned that my girls are bilingual.  The signs were there.  They both take Spanish in school.  But this language was something different.  Example:

Diva:  “Mom, I want a camo jacket for Christmas.”

Me:  “What’s a camo jacket?”

Diva:  “A jacket.  All my friends have them.”

Me:  “Huh?  What is a camo?”

Diva:  “Mom, you are so lame.  I’ll show you.”

We go to the Sports Authority store and there we find the camo jacket more commonly referred to as camouflage.  You know, something a hunter or the military would wear.  When they go hunting.

Why would a teenage girls want to wear this?

After a quick exit from the store, our conversation continued.

Me:  “I’m not buying that?”

Diva:  “Why?”

Me:  “It’s ugly and I’m not spending my money on it.”

Diva:  “You don’t have to like everything I like.”

Me:  “That’s true. But I have to like it if I’m buying it.”

Princess (who has been laughing and making comments the entire time): “Hunnerd?”

Me:  “What are you saying?  Hundred?”

Princess:  “No.  You say hunnerd.”

Me: “What does that mean?”

Princess:  “You know, it means ‘true’ or ‘that’s right’.”

Me: “Then why don’t you just say true.”

Diva:  “Mom, you are so lame.”

All of our conversations end with me being labeled “lame”.  And I can live with that.  At least I know what it means.

What do you think?  Do you think speak another language?  Any colorful phrases you want to share?  I can’t be alone in this.

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  1. LOL. Mine are still 8 so I’m not quite “lame” yet. It comes with the influrnce with peers and that wonderful peer pressure that we love so much. I’m not looking forward to that. One think my son always say to me though is, ” Mom you did not say that”. Like what I say is a crime. Sounds like another way to say, “Mom, your’re so Lame!” Lol Oh well.


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