Editor Blues

What’s Playing on the iPod right now: “Lay Your Head on my Pillow” – Tony!Toni!Tone!
What I am reading now: “Fallen” – Karin Slaughter

I am in a writing slump.  Back in May I blogged about how I was revising my novel to change the point of view from first person to third person.  I felt the change would enhance the story and connect better with the reader.  And I was working diligently to make those changes happen.  What happened to make me lose focus you ask?  My editor disappeared.

I thought I had found the perfect editor for me.  It’s not often you feel a connection with someone as an artist but Camille and I hit it off from the start.  She “got” me and I was ecstatic to find a person to discuss my work.   She was there for me right up until the time she wasn’t.  Silence was followed by a brief claim of illness.  Several more weeks go by and my calls and emails went unanswered.

It wasn’t hard for me to get to the conclusion that maybe I had been duped.  It couldn’t have been a coincidence that Camille was suddenly unavailable after payment changed hands.  I terminated our agreement and a refund was initiated from her but it failed to make it through Paypal.

My first reaction was anger.  I went all the way to “I will not be ignored, Dan.” (Shout out to “Fatal Attraction”)  I became obsessed with tracking Camille down.  When I found myself knee-deep in cyber stalking, I realized that I had to dial it back.  My focus on Camille and over analyzing each conservation and email was not only unhealthy but it kept me from my work.  Who was I really hurting with my need for answers?  She stole my money.  I couldn’t let her steal my focus as well.

I am letting go.  Yes, Camille may have gotten over on me but I trust that God will deal with her in His own time.  My job is to take the lesson.  There are no friends in this business.  I will deal with people on a professional basis.  Remain friendly but keep my guard up and my money in my pocket.  Warn other writers not to do business with Camille Gray aka Pansy Wright of WritingRoom Writing Services.

What’s the biggest lesson that I learned throughout this ordeal?  Never let anyone detour you from your dream.  I’ve got to keep writing.  For me, it is as natural as breathing and just as essential for survival.



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