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>Blast From the Past

>What’s Playing on the iPod right now: “Fame” – Irene Cara

Got a phone call today from an old college suitemate. Flashback to the early 90’s, four young women assigned to share two rooms and one bathroom. You either become friends or you end up talking about the nasty habits of the other heifers in the room. Fortunately, we all became friends. We shared meals, study notes and tears. It’s amazing how you think you’ll be friends forever but after graduation, everyone goes their own way. Marriage and kids fill up your free time and you lose touch with college friends. Same thing happened to us.

And then Jes found me. Of course, it helped that my phone number has been the same for fourteen years. She called to say she’s getting married. Next month. Like in March 2009. Now the diet begins.

>Yeah, we all know he Won!

>What’s Playing on the iPod right now: “No Scrubs” – TLC

Okay, so we all knowBarack Obama won the election and Black people all over the world rejoiced. So, can we please stop with all the Obama gear?! The man is the President. Show some respect. But I couldn’t help myself with this video. It’s hella funny. Check out other Alphacat videos on YouTube.

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