>What’s Playing on the iPod right now: “Hate on Me” – Jill Scott

Today I was inspired. Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I didn’t have anything for Hubby, I went on my lunch break to this black owned book store/coffee/bakery store called Literary Sweets. My BFF (I’ll call her B) went with me. We met the owner, Shennice, who shared with us how she made her dream come true to open her own business. She worked in the corporate world in Atlanta for some years and then moved back home. She wanted to open a book store and actually started her business with only $50. Family and friends helped but she got her hussle on and is making it happen. B was impressed because she likes to be around and learn from “real go-getters”.

Shennice also shared with us information on self publishing or fronting your own publishing house. She has a wealth of knowledge and turned me on to some avenues to showcase my work. This is an ordinary women who is doing something she loves without any regrets. Whenever you meet someone like that, it makes you want to do better.

I have got to get started on making my own dream come true.


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